About Us

Somos paisanos

We Are Paisanos Like You

With over 20 years of experience dedicated to serving the Latino community in the United States, our team understands the dreams, challenges, and sacrifices of those building a better future for their families outside their country.

As Latinos, we share the same roots and speak the same language as our clients, creating a unique connection that allows us to fully understand their needs. This enables us to offer financial services and products specially designed for them.

We started our journey in the money transfer business, convinced that remittances are an important source of development for our countries. However, our horizon is much broader, and we want to continue growing and supporting our clients in forging the future that they and their families deserve.

At Amigo Paisano, we firmly believe in solidarity among Latinos. That's why our motto, #EntrePaisanosNosApoyamos (Among paisanos, we support each other), reflects that together we can achieve great accomplishments and overcome any challenge that comes our way.




We are a fintech company committed to empowering the Latino community in the United States, promoting their financial inclusion and economic well-being through accessible and transparent digital financial products and services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our clients and their families in their home countries.




To be the financial bridge between the Latino community in the United States and their roots in their home countries, connecting their efforts, stories, and dreams through our innovative and accessible digital financial solutions that promote financial inclusion and economic well-being for our clients and their families.



Our Values




We recognize that our clients are brave and hardworking individuals who have left their home country in search of a better future. We want to support them in taking control of their finances to achieve their personal and family goals, providing them with the financial products and services they need.


We believe in equal opportunities and fair access to the financial system for all. We strive to ensure that Latinos in the United States, regardless of their origin or economic situation, have access to our financial products and services without discrimination.


We constantly seek new ways to improve and offer financial solutions that adapt to the needs and preferences of our clients. We strive to be leaders in innovation, using emerging technologies for the benefit of our Latino people.


We value honesty and clarity in all our actions and communications. We are committed to being transparent in our processes, fees, and policies to build a relationship of trust with our clients.


We comply with the laws, rules, and applicable regulations in our business, and we are also committed to taking responsibility for our actions, always seeking the benefit of our clients and collaborators.